Lunchtimers was formed in London on 3rd March 1995 and exists...
"to extend the hand of welcome and fellowship to all those with a genuine and positive interest in Freemasonry regardless of sex, creed or any other limitation".

London Lunchtimers has always been pleased to welcome Masons from all Constitutions
   The International Order of Co-Freemasonry Le Droit Humain British Federation    

Int'l Order of Freemasonry for Men & Women

Le Droit Humain - British Federation

 GL of Modern 
Mixed Masons
GL of FM for
Men & Women 

 This is where we meet (when lockdown will allow!)
 The Freem
asons Arms, Long Acre

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OUR SEPTEMBER 2021 MEETING IS BEING HELD ON ZOOM, with GUEST SPEAKER WBro Bob Allder (Retired MetGL Organist) - "A Wandering Minstrel, I"MORE DETAILS...





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NEW Groups Launch of a new Lunchtimers Group in San Diego, California
TRIBUTES Lost Lunchtimers - In Memoriam: RIP WBro Lancelot '2-Ties' Stimson (obit. abt. 22/1/21) - RIP WBro Chris Haskins (1947 - 24/11/20) - RIP Frank Bugden (22/2/40 - 4/5/20) - RIP WBro Richard Dedman (obit. 15/4/20) - RIP Bro Nick "Le Grand" Alexander (obit 17/10/17) - RIP WBro George Ferris (11/4/40 - 26/10/16) - RIP WBro Steve Bennett (Obit 13/2/14) - RIP WBro Bernie Boyce (Obit 19/1/09) - RIP WBro Dave Thomas (Obit 15/8/08) - RIP WBro Frank Stuart-Brown (Obit 16/10/2007) - RIP WBro Michael P L Flynn (Obit 3/10/2007 - RIP WBro Bill Benge (aka 'Bilbo' - 1946-2006)

Basic details of forthcoming meetings are always shown on the Events page.