About the Lunchtimers

The Lunchtimers' worldwide organisation was formed on 3rd March 1995
by members of London Lunchtimers No. 1 and exists:

'To extend the hand of welcome and fellowship
to all those with a genuine and positive interest in Freemasonry
regardless of creed, sex or any other limitation"


London Lunchtimers meetings are held every 2 months in Central London

Lunchtimers is open to absolutely anyone with a positive interest in Freemasonry,
you do not have to be a Freemason to attend our meetings

Male or female, Freemason or not, absolutely anyone who is positively interested in,
or curious about Freemasonry is welcome to come along and talk to us

Please browse around this site for details of our meetings, discussion group etc

London Lunchtimers Committee 2016-2017

Honorary Life President

Nick Alexander (Founder)


Simon Lincoln

Immediate Past Chairman

Peter Chapman

Vice Chairman

David Baruch


George Ferris

Mike Pinfield

Master At Arms (Ad hoc appointment)

Mike Pinfield

The Founders
(Nick Alexander, John Ross-Barnard, Julian Smith, Doug Black, Ronnie San & Nigel King)
are all Permanent Members of the Committee

History & where we meet

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