About Lunchtimers generally...

The Lunchtimers' world-wide organisation was formed on 3rd March 1995
by members of London Lunchtimers No. 1 and exists:

'To extend the hand of welcome and fellowship
to all those with a genuine and positive interest in Freemasonry
regardless of creed, sex or any other limitation"

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 Inaugural Meeting held on 20th May 2017

By way of introduction, their Founder, Gene Goldman, tells us...

"We are the San Diego Lunchtimers - and a very diverse group, with members from several jurisdictions here in the Southern California area. Some of us go all the way back to the days before the World Wide Web (MasNet, Compuserve Masonic Forum, Usenet, etc.), and some are newer. Most of us started talking to one another in various Facebook groups.

We usually meet for lunch on Saturdays, in the North County Inland area of San Diego. We're still getting ourselves organized, so we don't have a lot of officers, or formal structure yet. Maybe we will some day. Then again, we are a pretty unusual bunch, so maybe we won't. It will be interesting to see what happens!"


If you are interested in joining or visiting them, please join their FaceBook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/SanDiegoLunchtimers

You can also contact Gene Goldman via FaceBook -



If you prefer, you can even send them an email at SanDiegoLunchtimers@groups.facebook.com - or just click the button below...



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