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Lunchtimer Lodge Meets at On Comments
Mike Pinfield
Stationers' Company's School
7460 (Craft)
Clerkenwell MC 1st Fri February
1st Fri April
1st Fri October (I)
2nd Fri December
Friendly Old School Lodge
(Mike is Secretary)
5182 (Craft)
GQSt 3rd Tues Jan
3rd Thurs March (I)
3rd Tues September
4th Tues November
Small friendly Lodge needing support.
(Mike is Almoner)
Old Owens
4440 (Craft)
GQSt 4th Fri January (I)
4th Fri March
4th Fri May
4th Fri Oct
Friendly Old School Lodge
(Mike is ADC & Asst Sec)
  Alfred Newton Lodge 2686
GQSt 2nd Sat February
3rd Sat March
2rd Sat September (I)
3rd Sat November
Struggling 113 year-old Craft Lodge, mainly Brethren with West Indian roots.
(Mike is Sec)
King Solomon 385
(Mark & RAM)
Clerkenwell MC 4th Tues January (Mark I)
1st Thurs May
1st Thurs November (RAM I)
123 year-old Mark Lodge - urgently needing support!
(Mike is Sec)
  Pickwick 997
(Mark & RAM)
Royal National Hotel 2nd Thurs March (RAM I)
3rd Weds June
4th Weds Sept (Mark I)
Lovely Mark Lodge with all the Pickwick tradition!
(Mike is Sec)
  Domatic Chapter
177 (Royal Arch)
GQSt 4th Weds Feb (I)
2nd Weds May
3rd Thurs October
Over 200 years old!

Old Owens Chapter
4440 (Royal Arch)
GQSt 2nd Fri Feb (I)
2nd Fri May
4th Fri November
Friendly Old School Chapter - needing support!
Mike is 'Z' this year
  Central Streatham Chapter 
4573 (Royal Arch)
Royal National Hotel 2nd Thurs March
3rd Weds June (I)
4th Weds September
Chapter needing support - meets on the same days as Pickwick Mark. (Mike is Scribe E)
Tony Wright
Surrey Installed Mark Masters  & Surrey Enthroned Commanders Lodges 1219(Mark & RAM)    Surbiton, Surrey  3rd Wed Jun (RAM I)   
4th Thurs Sep (Mark I)
Installed Mark Masters &  Enthroned Commanders Lodges
  St Leonard’s, Streatham 3809 (Craft)    Croydon, Surrey    1st Tue Feb, 2nd Tue Mar 4th Tue Apr, 2nd Tue Nov (I) 2nd Tue Dec   Small, Friendly Lodge
New Members Welcome!  
  East Surrey Masters 5888   (Craft)   Croydon, Surrey Last Weekday 
(Mon-Fri; NOT Sat)
of Jan, May, Sept (I)  
Installed Masters Lodge
Richard, Earl of Shannon 8297 Provincial Stewards Lodge   Peripatetic (Croydon/Guildford
3rd Fri Feb  1st Fri Jun (I)    (Craft)   2nd Fri Sep   Surrey Provincial Stewards
('Red Apron')
  East Surrey First Principals 5888 (Chapter) Croydon, Surrey 4th Fri Apr (I)
4th Tues Oct
Installed First Principals Chapter
  Surrey Prov. Grand Stewards 8297 (Chapter)   Surbiton, Surrey 1st Fri May  
1st Fri Jul (I)
3rd Fri Nov  
Provincial Stewards Chapter
  Oak Tree Lodges of MMM & RAM 1839
(Mark & RAM)  
Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Surrey 2nd Thurs Jan (Mark I)
2nd Thurs Apr
2nd Thurs Sep (RAM I)  
New('ish), thriving Mark and RAM Lodges  
  Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Surrey
Peripatetic (Croydon/Guildford Redhill/Surbiton) 4th Mon Feb
4th Mon Sep (I)
Mark Provincial Stewards Lodge
  Courtenay Council 133
(Royal & Select Masters)
Croydon, Surrey 1st Tues Mar
1st Tues May (I)
2nd Fri Sept  
Friendly Cryptic Council
New Members Welcome!  
  Archbishop Courtenay Conclave
(Red Cross of Constantine)
Croydon, Surrey    4th Thurs Jan
4th Tues May (I)
 Friendly Red Cross Conclave
New Members Welcome!
  Saint John at Stoneleigh 378
(KT & Malta)  
Surbiton, Surrey 3rd Sat Mar (am)
4th Sat Oct (am) (I)  
Friendly KT Preceptory &
Knight of Malta Priory      
  Pride of Surrey Chapter Rose Croix 1100
(Rose Croix)       
Sutton, Surrey  4th Thurs May  
4th Thurs June
4th Thurs Oct (I)  
Friendly Rose Croix Chapter
New Members Welcome!
  Rose of Surrey Chapter Rose Croix 1088 (Rose Croix) Surbiton, Surrey 4th Sat Jan (am) (I)
Last Sat Sep (am)
Surrey 'Higher Degrees' Chapter 
David Ferdinando
Petts Wood
5435 (Craft)
Oakley House,
2nd Sat Jan (I)
2nd Sat March
3rd Sat May
2nd Sat November
75 year-old Lodge
David is Treasurer
  West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards 8565 (Craft) Oakley House,
4th Sat February
2nd Sat June (I)
4th Sat October
'Red Apron' Lodge 
David is Secretary
  Petts Wood Chapter
5435 (Royal Arch)
Oakley House,
4th Fri February
2nd Sat June (I)
4th Sat October
Small Chapter
David is Trasurer
1083 (Mark)
Oakley House,
1st Wed February
1st Wed May
1st Wed July
1st Wed November (I)
Thriving Mark Lodge in Kent
David is Chaplain
(you know you're getting old!)
1083 (RAM)
Oakley House,
1st Wed February
3rd Friday May (I)
1st Wed November
Good RAM Lodge
David is Asst Scribe
  Good Neighbour Lodge
8378 (Craft)
RMBI Home,       - Chislehurst
4th Fri April
4th Fri Sept
4th Fri November (I)
Lovely peripatetic Lodge - making visits to RMBI Homes in rotation.
Residents get subsidised membership

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