6th September 2018
London Lunchtimers regular meeting

The new Masonic season beckons, so it is fitting that we match that time of year… with our Guest Speaker - who has just taken charge of the Museum at Freemasons Hall

Mark Dennis -
the UGLE Museum's new Curator
lets us know what to can look forward to - in
“A day in the Life...”
- as he shows us what his role means...

Please pick your personal menu from the choices and email your booking to us as quickly as possible… & remember – don't be late for the meeting as we need to sit down at 12:30 (not at ten to one!!!!).

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Click here for a map

 - so you can find your way to the Freemasons Arms, Long Acre

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You must book in advance if you wish to attend. No booking - no lunch!

Bookings by Monday 3rd September 2018 please...

To attend this meeting, please... 

Email us...

 Menu for 6th September 2018

We estimate the cost will be around 35 per head;
- but the final amount is of course determined by how thirsty we are during Lunch!

Please select your meal from these choices...

M1 – Melon & Parma Ham
- Smoked Salmon Fishcakes

V1 – French Onion Soup
M2 – Traditional Roast Chicken with roast potatoes & Chef's veg of the day

F2 Fish pie (without shellfish), topped with creamy mashed potato
 (accompanied by Chef's veg of the day)


- Vegetarian alternative by special request
P3a – Profiteroles with chocolate sauce & cream
P3b – Fresh fruit salad with cream
CB3 - Cheese & biscuits

Please arrive in time for us all to sit down to Lunch by 12:30 p.m. so we can start promptly.

Those Attending:

Robyn Wright  V1/M2/CB3 Tony Wright  V1/F1as2/CB3 Mike Pinfield V1/MushStrog/P3b
Brian Roberts V1/M2/P3a David Baruch  V1/M2/CB3 Mark Dennis  F1/M2/P3a
Lawrence Bell-Wright  M1/F2/P3b Penny Bell-Wright  F1/M2/P3a Angie Kaye  V1/M2/CB3
M C Black F1/F2/CB3 David Green  M1/F2/P3b Sue Rodgers  M1/M2/CB3
Bob Lovett  V1/M2/P3a Allan Pulford  F1/M2/CB3 Lewis Conquer  V1/F2/CB3
Geoff Watson  M1/M2/P3a Phil Gibson  M1/F2/CB3 Sally Roberts  F1/F2/CB3
Roger Saunders  M1/M2/CB3 Sandy Burton  M1/M2/P3b David Burton  M1/F2/CB3
Chris Williams  F1/M2/CB3 Paul Cole  F1/MushStrog/CB3  
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