5th September 2019
London Lunchtimers Regular Meeting


We look forward to welcoming Claire Howell, Community Fund Raiser for the South East for ‘The Brain Tumour Charity’, which is a UK-based charity dedicated to funding research, raising awareness of brain tumours, reducing diagnosis times and providing support and information for people with a brain tumours, their families and friends.  

Committed to saving and improving lives, they're moving further, faster to help every single person affected by a brain tumour. They're set on finding new treatments, offering the highest level of support and driving urgent change - & they’re doing it right now; because they understand that when you, or someone you love, is diagnosed with a brain tumour – a cure really can't wait. A few years ago, we welcomed Jenny Baker OBE – CEO of Brain Tumour UK (one of the charities that later combined to form The Brain Tumour Charity’) and it will be great to hear of their further progress.  

If you want to read a bit more about ‘The Brain Tumour Charity’ just click on their logo (above) to visit their website

Why not tell all your friends about Lunchtimers and get them to come along and join us? Here is a link to our 'Downloads' page, where you'll find some appropriate Flyers! We've got a special one for this meeting, too - and you can also download it with this link -

 A special 'September Meeting' Flyer for you to pass around

& REMEMBER - our Chairman has also designated this to be a

B A G Meeting,

so - Bring A Guest !!!!

You can also share with us all how you've been getting on with our flyers & posters - and, of course, pass on any other suggestions you may have to promote our wonderful world-wide Fraternal Organisation!

Please pick your personal menu from the choices and email your booking to us as quickly as possible… & remember – don't be late for the meeting as we need to sit down at 12:30 (not at ten to one!!!!).

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Click here for a map

 - so you can find your way to the Freemasons Arms, Long Acre

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You must book in advance if you wish to attend.
No booking - no lunch!
Bookings by Monday 2nd September 2019 please...

To attend this meeting, please... 

Email us...

 Menu for 5th September 2019

We estimate the cost will be around £35 per head;
- but the final amount is of course determined by how thirsty we are during Lunch!
Please select your meal from these choices...

M1 – Indian Special: Chicken Tikka, Onion Bhaji & Vegetable Samosa
- Smoked Salmon fishcakes, watercress salad & chilli dip

V1 – Vegetable Soup
M2 Braised Steak with red wine sauce, sauté potatoes, grilled tomato & peas

F2 – Hand-battered Fish & Chips with mushy peas


- Vegetarian alternative by special request
P3a – Bramley Apple & Damson Pie with custard

P3b – Fresh fruit salad with cream
CB3 - Cheese & biscuits

Please arrive in time for us all to sit down to Lunch by 12:30 p.m. so we can start promptly.

Those Attending:

Bob Lovett  V1/F2/CB3 Phil Gibson  M1/F2/CB3 Claire Howell  F1/F2/P3a
Lily Russell  V1/M2/P3a no cust Mike Pinfield M1/F2/P3a Tony Wright  V1/F2/CB3
Robyn Wright F1/M2/CB3 Lewis Conquer  M1/M2/P3a Penny Bell-Wright  F1/M2/P3a
Denzil Peach  F1/F2/P3a Mark Johnson  M1/F2/P3a Brenda Wilkinson V1/F2/CB3
David Wilkinson  F1/M2/CB3 Kirsten Frith  F1/F2/CB3 John Bull  F1/M2/CB3
Richard Dedman  F1/F2/P3a Geoff Watson  V1/F2/P3b Ray Young  F1/F2/CB3
Joe Richardson  F1/M2/P3a Simon Lincoln  M1/M2/CB3 Tony Jeyes  V1/M2/P3a
Mark Flisher  F1/M2/P3a    

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