4th May 2017
('Star Wars Day')
London Lunchtimers regular Meeting

A real treat is in store for us, as we learn about one of the slightly lesser known Ranks in Freemasonry -

VWBro John Pagella
(UGLE GSuptWks)

The title “Superintendent of Works” is often heard across quite a few orders, but many Masons actually have absolutely no idea what the title is based on, from where the Rank originated, or even what the office entails. VWBro John should be able to shed a little light on this for us!

Please pick your personal menu from the choices and email your booking to us as quickly as possible… & remember – don't be late for the meeting as we need to sit down at 12:30 (not at ten to one!!!!) When you arrive, please go straight to the upstairs bar…

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 - so you can find your way to the Prince of Wales, Gt. Queen Street.

You must book in advance if you wish to attend. No booking - no lunch!
Bookings by Tuesday 2nd May 2017 please...

To attend this meeting, please... 

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 Please state your Menu choice when booking...

Menu for 4th May 2017

Despite the inevitable progress of inflation, we still aim to keep our Lunches at about 30
(including wine/soft drinks with the meal)
- but the final amount is determined by how thirsty we are during Lunch!
Nevertheless, due to the continuing incredible sloth of the bank, we would still prefer
for this lunch

Please select your meal from these choices...

M1 – Farmhouse Pate with toast & salad garnish
Cod goujons & tartare sauce
V1 Stilton & peppercorn mushrooms on garlic ciabatta
M2 – Chicken & chorizo pie with fresh vegetables
F2 – Hand battered cod & chips, garden peas & tartare sauce
V2 - Battered Halloumi, chips & peas
P3a – Apple pie with custard 
P3b – Fresh fruit salad served with mango sorbet
CB3 - Cheese & biscuits

Please arrive in time for us all to sit down to Lunch by 12:30 p.m. so we can start promptly.

Those Attending:

David Baruch  F1/M2/CB3 Mike Pinfield John Pagella  V1/F2/CB3
June Pagella  V1/F2/P3a Tony Wright  F1/F2/CB3 Robyn Wright  V1/M2/CB3
Audrey De Angelis  F1/V2/P3b John Boulton  M1/F2/P3b Gabriella De Angelis  V1/V2/P3b
Beryl Archbold  V1/F2/P3b Mags Currie  V1/F2/P3a Rachel Hobdell  V1/F2/P3a
Benjamin Hobdell  V1/F2/P3a John Richards  V1/M2/P3a Jean-Francois Dor  F1/V2/P3b
Lewis Conquer  F1/M2/P3b David Justice  V1/M2/P3b Ken Gooding  F1/M2/P3b
Sally Roberts  M1/F2/CB3 Brian Roberts  V1/F2/P3b Lawrence Bell-Wright  M1/F2/P3a
Penny Bell-Wright  M1/F2/P3a    

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