1st November 2018
London Lunchtimers AGM

It’s time for our AGM again, but apart from the usual agenda for that we’re also hoping to engage as many people as possible in an open forum run by one or two speakers.

Our main Guest Speaker on 1st November will be Maxine Besser, Chair of the University Scheme for HFAF. We are also arranging for one or two representatives of the scheme from UGLE to join us as well, so it will be an excellent opportunity for you to bring any family members or friends who are at (or about to go to) University hear about the scheme in more detail and ask any questions that may spring to mind.

Please pick your personal menu from the choices and email your booking to us as quickly as possible… & remember – don't be late for the meeting as we need to sit down at 12:30 (not at ten to one!!!!).

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 - so you can find your way to the Freemasons Arms, Long Acre

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You must book in advance if you wish to attend. No booking - no lunch!

Bookings by Monday 29th October 2018 please...

To attend this meeting, please... 

Email us...

 Menu for 1st November 2018

We estimate the cost will be around 35 per head;
- but the final amount is of course determined by how thirsty we are during Lunch!

Please select your meal from these choices...

M1 – Indian Special: Chicken tikka, Onion bhaji & vegetable samosa
- Peppered Smoked Mackerel

V1 – Leek & potato Soup
M2 – Steak & Ale Pie with roast potatoes & Chef's veg of the day

F2 – Hand-battered Fish & Chips with mushy peas

- Vegetarian alternative by special request
P3aApple Pie with custard
P3b – Fresh fruit salad with cream
CB3 - Cheese & biscuits

Please arrive in time for us all to sit down to Lunch by 12:30 p.m. so we can start promptly.

Those Attending:

Robyn Wright  V1/M2/CB3 Tony Wright  M1/M2/P3b Mike Pinfield  M1/F2/P3a
Brian Roberts  M1/M2/P3b David Baruch  M1/M2/CB3 Maxine Besser  M1/M2/CB3
Sally Roberts  F1/F2/P3a David Justice  M1/M2/P3a M C Black  F1/F2/CB3
Geoff Watson  V1/M2/P3a Pat Hadfield  F1/F2/P3b Marianne Rowland  V1/V2/P3a
Beryl Archbold  F1/F2/P3b David Green  M1/M2/P3a Sue Rogers  F1/F2/P3b
Phil Gibson  M1/F2/P3a Jenna Young-Goldman  M1/F2/P3a David Keetch  F1/F2/P3b
Christine Chapman  F1/M2/P3b Lawrence Bell-Wright  F1/M2/P3b Penny Bell-Wright  V1/F2p/P3a
Richard Dedman  V1/F2/CB3 Paul Cole  M1/M2p/P3a Julian Soper  V1/V2/P3b
Roger Saunders  F1/F2/CB3 George Taylor  F1/F2/P3b Carl Pendlebury  M1/F2/P3b
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